One Voice.
One Guitar.
Driven by the inexhaustible possibilities of such a union - a union that has traversed the centuries - the Miscellaneous Voice and Guitar Duo tries to contribute to the revival of this magical formation in two ways:

By playing from the repertoire written specifically for the voice and the guitar, contemporary works included. To name a few, Les Chansons Séfarades by Matilda Salvador, Folksongs by Benjamin Britten, Ariettas by Mauro Giuliani or Seguidillas by Fernando Sor.

By perusing musical texts for works suitable to be adapted for soprano and guitar, thereby developing the repertoire. This aspect of the Miscellaneous Voice and Guitar Duo is supported by “Les Productions d’Oz” (Québec), which publishes some of the arrangements.

Based on this material, Tristan and Céline compose their programs in thematic ways (for example: a whole concert dedicated only to Lieders, Concert Arias of Opera Arias by Mozart, “Around Hector Berlioz”, Musical Comedies, Baroque and Contemporary, etc.); drawing from these programs the Miscellaneous Voice and Guitar Duo can achieve eclectic concerts that  host cultural clashes to enchant the audience.

At the time being, Miscellaneous is interested in the universe of French melodies, its composers (Bizet, Lalo, Gounod, Hahn, Poulenc, Saint-Saens...) and its poets (Théophile Gautier, Charles Baudelaire, Alphonse de Lamartine...) . A recent association with the dancer Michel Béjar and “La Compagnie Pantaï”resulted in a unique show that was performed at the Festival de Menton in 2009; it threads together singing, poetry, dancing, lights and music, tying it all around an impelling narrative that transports the spectators to an intimate version of Spain, far away from the heavy load of clichés that incessantly haunt this country.

Be it at regular seasons (Monaco Music Hall, Hector Berlioz Museum on the Côte Saint André, Louis Nucéra Library in Nice) or at festivals (Festival Eclats de Dieulefit, C’est pas Classique ! à Nice, Festival d’Avignon, Festival de Comps) , the Miscellaneous Voice and Guitar Duo is always received with a warm and enthusiastic welcome.